Creation of the website of the 2ICSARL company

Creation of the website of the 2ICSARL company

The company 2ICSARl offers construction and fitting-out services for houses, buildings or industrial surfaces.

The client chose to surround himself with experts to design a tailor-made site for its expansion and develop its brand image.

First of all, a study had to be carried out in order to define the functionalities to be implemented. Based on this study and the definition of the roadmap, operational support was put in place for the creation of the website.

Our intervention took place according to a precise methodology and following progressive steps.

1- Study

2- Drafting of the specifications

3- Writing web content optimized for SEO.

Once the web writing and the design were validated, the integration of graphic and editorial content began.

Throughout our collaboration, we exchanged by email, whatsapp and also by physical meetings, allowing us to move forward effectively while respecting the set deadlines. This allowed us to launch the site within the set deadline.

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