Social media management of ECOFOG

Social media management of ECOFOG

ECOLOGY FOSSAECO GROUP is an Ivorian company founded in 2016 specializing in the installation of ecological septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants, the installation of mobile toilets and today in construction.

The community management of ECOFOG began in February 2020. We have drawn up a specific presence strategy on social networks to be adopted on social networks which will meet the needs and objectives.

ECOFOG is now present on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. We have established a specific strategy for each social network, taking into account the different target groups of the client. The shared content is adapted to the needs of each of the identified targets: for example, more informative and innovative content is broadcast on Facebook whereas on Instagram we have opted; for content more aimed at young people who prefer beautiful and new cars.

The 3 main objectives of the presence of ECOJOB on social networks are to generate traffic to the site, drive conversion and increase brand awareness. These 3 objectives have been successfully achieved!

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